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Deeb v Negreanu $250K?

Vegas Training – Weekly Poker Hands

Although I have many of his books I have decided to work through Jonathan Little’s weekly poker hands ahead of Vegas. Perhaps you should do them all to…

G Man love the way you play

Just watching Grant Adelstein taking to Joey Ingram about his battle with depression and it reminded me of Jake Cody. Is poker a depressive game?

The Poker Guys

Always top analysis Art is a great player with some cool lines…


Bad night at Aspers…don’t bluff a donkey…

Bought in for £60 £10K gtd lost 20K of my 30K stack in the first 15 minutes before busting after 2 hours. I rebought but was card dead before finally getting it in with pocket fours v KQ. The first card on the flop being a king left with 1300 with blinds at 400/800/800 I then called a raise on button with 89s and hit trip nines to end up with ~5K. I shipped it with AJ and went 3 way on an ace high flop. I then shoved AA and was called by AQ to take me to 40K and a few hands later went all in pre over an UTG raise and a shove. My Queens were in good shape v 77 and JJ and held taking me to 100K double the chip average.

I switched table and opened pocket 8s, BB called and checked through the KK10 flop. The 8 on the turn filled me up and stacks went in on the flush completing river. Villain had flopped a full house leaving me with 25BB which I buffed off on when I counterfeited my pair of deuces on the river and bluff shoved to be called by Ace high….aghhh…I’m shit at poker. In Vegas no bluffs just value betting…

Worst thing in poker is watching Lauren Roberts “shuffle” chips

Where do they go….

Poker players are there then gone…I remember Neil “bad beat” Channing being everywhere and then no more and what about Samantha Abernathy she came 3rd in Oz for a bundle but doesn’t seem to have done anything the last few years. It is true they may just play cash and be done with tournaments. I often look up players on Hendon Mob to see what happened to them are they really playing cash or are they just done with the game.

What Happened to Roland de Wolfe he was everywhere when I started playing?

Samantha Abernathy

WorldThe AmericasOceania
Total$ 573,520$ 121,481$ 452,039
2018$ 10,098$ 10,098
2017$ 17,996$ 17,996
2016$ 460,316$ 8,277$ 452,039
2015$ 50,340$ 50,340
2014$ 34,770$ 34,770

Neil Channing

WorldEuropeThe AmericasOceania
Total$ 3,431,815$ 2,292,890$ 1,072,868$ 66,057
2018$ 970$ 970
2017$ 17,418$ 17,418
2015$ 27,542$ 27,542
2014$ 8,391$ 8,391
2013$ 60,603$ 5,965$ 20,856$ 33,782
2012$ 422,295$ 6,194$ 416,101
2011$ 16,893$ 11,918$ 4,975
2010$ 674,461$ 347,606$ 321,931$ 4,924
2009$ 171,535$ 48,056$ 101,103$ 22,376
2008$ 1,594,802$ 1,557,336$ 37,466
2007$ 276,609$ 177,979$ 98,630
2006$ 42,918$ 37,208$ 5,710
2005$ 59,705$ 18,373$ 41,332
2004$ 15,984$ 15,984
2003$ 8,409$ 3,549$ 4,860
2002$ 11,630$ 11,630
2001$ 11,194$ 2,299$ 8,895
2000$ 10,455$ 10,455

Roland de Wolfe

WorldEuropeThe AmericasOceania
Total$ 5,330,553$ 2,865,598$ 2,415,239$ 49,715
2010$ 721,233$ 549,485$ 122,033$ 49,715
2009$ 452,980$ 42,918$ 410,062
2008$ 485,757$ 368,727$ 117,030
2007$ 751,611$ 525,977$ 225,634
2006$ 2,295,130$ 786,036$ 1,509,094
2005$ 605,384$ 574,419$ 30,965
2004$ 18,457$ 18,036$ 421

Back on-line after a year!

Gave Godaddy one last call and the guy seems to have fixed my access issue as I can finally access my website again.

Played the £50 Wednesday game at Apsers last week and came 5th for £175 it was fun to be back at a final table. I folded to an UTG 20 BB shove whils holding AKs from a tight player before the bubble. There were three short stacks and I couldn’t handle busting without cashing after the long grind. I thought there were better spots for my 23BB stack however SnapShove tells me I should call AQ+ and 99+ ….perhaps it was a mistake.

Played Friday £60 at Aspers £10K Gtd and came 100th. I opened KJo from UTG+1 got a call on the button and a shove for 10BB form the BB who had A 10o, I snap re-shoved only to be called by the button’s AQo an ace on the flop sent me home. I had been so card dead, I should have realised the button would call as he had a large stack, I could have found a better spot for my 20BB there was no rush. Poor decision.

Played on Wednesday and was very card dead, opened AJo UTG for 3 BB of a stack of 20BB and got balled but UTG+2 and the BB. The flop came Jack high with 3 diamonds and I shoved after the BB checked only to get called by a set of deuces with the nut flush as my outs which didn’t come.

It was poor play to shove as I had the draw to the nut flush so had nothing to be scared of, the final outcome wouldn’t have changed but I definitely played it badly but I am rusty. I need to slow down and ensure all my decisions are well thought out and optimal. I also showed a bluff which is a major flaw I need to lose before Vegas good players do not show cards or talk strategy!!

Loaded £50 and blew it in an hour

Bought in for $22 3 times in an hour whilst drinking Talisker Skye whiskey on the rocks

Played badly, watched some high stakes cash from Rozvadov, Rob Young bet £50K on the river when he hit top pair with QJ, his opponent had given away the strength of his hand (KQ) during some river table chat. “I shit myself if you go all in” and he folded to Rob’s huge bet, then Rob said “let him have it I was just having fun”. The dealer got a ruling, went to push the pot to Rob when Leon the owner over ruled and let the guy scoop the pot. Crazy.






This must have really hurt…

I’m ducking poker but still watching Jonathan Little, Doug Polk and other videos to keep my hand in. I came across this before bed and wondered how it must have felt for Mercier.



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