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The best poker player you’ve never heard of Niklas Heinecker

This guy owned it for millions and left the party in 2013 mainly on line but $4.7 Million live too.

Most Expensive Poker Book Ever

I’ve read this book, I must re-read it now I’m a better player and I know what it costs! Seemed pretty good but as it is from 2008 these concepts are available in $35 books you can now buy by Moorman and Little.

Doug Polk – HighStakesdb Graphs

I like Doug Polk, he gives great analysis makes interesting videos and plays great poker. His Hendonmob profile shows a healthy $5,068,368 of tournament winnings and $577,266 at high stakes on line with Pokerstars where pots range from $20K to $100K.

Key point is how big is your edge online when six years of winnings can be wiped out in 5 hands? He was up $1.09M in Nov 2013  and is down $513K in just over the 3 years all of which are losing ones with PokerStars.

2014 down $161K

2015 down $57K

2016 down 94K

Good news for Doug on FullTilt he’s a winner up $1.58M for a combined total of $2.15Million. (See graphs below)

2014 up $1.08M

2015  up $48K

2016 no results

Read this write up then view the graph

Read this review from HighStakesdb for Romain Arnaud and then check his graph. The press and players highlight wins not losses, only 5% win at poker the same percentage for winners in all aspects of life. Those that win do it through hard work not the Motzart myth.

Part of the new wave of highly aggressive and highly successful French pro’s Romain “moirhums” Arnaud plays regularly at PokerStars in the highstakes PLO and NLHE games. Adept at both ring games and heads up play moirhums began playing poker in early 2007 playing NL10. He quickly realised that he had a talent at the game and by mid 2007 had built a roll in excess of $10,000 and took a shot at NL1000. Since then he has never looked back and can be seen regularly playing stakes as high as $100/$200 PLO against the best in the world.

See graph here

Poker Myth Exposed

This article is written about Niki Jedlicka a high stakes player. The problem is that in reality the guy has lost $3.837Million as Niki Jedlicka and $489K as RealAndyBeale and as KaiBuxxe won $3.186Million for down more than $1.14Million at high stakes. The win as KaiBuxxe was in July to Oct 2007 perhaps a run good spin up. I’d love to see the money trail and hand histories that account for some of these guys huge wins.

It seems that most of the poker phenoms just sat at tables with high stakes fish and cleaned up when the internet age came along. They just did high stakes bum hunting, Durrr’s wins were rumored to be courtesy of Guy Laliberté


Best Poker Documentary Ever

Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau is 76th on the list of biggest poker winners tracked by HighstakesDB. The data is based on 170659 hands played and his total cash game profits amount to $1,123,696. Down from $3,080,000 in Sept 2014 where after dropping $2 million he seems to have left the party.

Nosebleed is his journey to the WSOP with his friend and fellow high stakes pro Seb “Seb86” Sabic.

They mention playing Gus Hansen who has lost $20Million and Samrostan who is stuck $10Million and as patpatpanda $2.608Million and Niki Jedlicka. It seems even at high stakes, bum hunting is the main win factor, in that a few players provide the sharks their income. Given the above losses, it makes the million Alex Luneau has won seem a little light, although he has dropped $2Million in since Sept 2014.


High Stakes Players 25/50 or above results

Reviewing the information on HighStakesdb I found the following of interest.

The UK’s poker brat Luke Swartz -$772K and won $506K = -$266K  still active but graph is only going one way.

Alex Millar is up $2.625Million as Kanu7 and $1.955Million as IReadYrSoul for approx $4.5Million total

Phil Ivey  $19,242,744 but showing nothing since Feb 2011? I found his other suspected profiles RaiseOnce down $2.48Million and down $6.2Million as Polarizing

Daniel Negreanu  is stuck for $492K and still active Nov 2016

Patrik Antonius on FullTilt he’s won $11,315,549 last seen Aug 2011 and as FinddaGrind won $5,716,052

Ilari ”Ilari FIN” Sahamies is up  $1,303,037 but has dropped $2M in the last year still active but as Ziigmund he is up $358,562 having topped out at $6.86M in Mar 2010 seems to have dropped $6M from his zenith across both.

Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen Has a great graph up $5,206,245 from Mar 2011 in a steady manner plus $222K under his other account and still active Nov 2016.

Biggest Winners and Losers

Lady Marmelade dropped $6.632Million in a few months in 2008 losing $180.65 a hand then vanished and Gus Hansen takes the title of biggest loser down $20,737,007 losing an average of $13.17 per hand.

“Esvedra” is a high stakes online PLO player who is rumored to be Canadian billionaire and Cirque du Soleil CEO Guy Laliberte. The graph shows a loss of $2.685Million and linked profile Zypherin is down $4.607Million.  elmariachimacho is also down $4.161Million and may be related for a potential $10Mill plus loss.

Some players have more than one account and these were not collated on the list for instance, Bttech86 is the Full Tilt screen name for the American high stakes online pro, Ben Tollerene who also plays as Ben86 for a total of $10Mill up. Well played Ben Tollerene.

Will Kassouf “Wins” EPT High Roller? Complete disgrace

So Will Kassouf picked up the trophy despite having a 4-1 chip disadvantage when they chopped up the prize money. Utter nonsense, the photo of his “win” makes himself and the EPT look beyond ridiculous, you couldn’t make it up.

As Ali said “If it ain’t in the ring it don’t mean a thing”


Andrew Neeme Vlogger Las Vegas

I’ve been watching this series following a grinder in Vegas it may be fun for you too.

Just post Andrew Neeme in YouTube and subscribe to his channel


The worst starting hand in poker AKA The Whip

In a full ring game (8-10 players), 72 offsuit is the worst hand, because it contains the lowest two cards you can have where you can’t make a straight or flush using both cards. In a headsup match, 32 offsuit is the worst hand.

What causes the difference?

The higher card strength with the 7 plays better HU, and the 23 plays better at hitting straights at a full table. Like if you hit a pair with 23 HU, it’s more likely to get outdraw on than 27 will if you hit your 7.

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