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Poker player and bon vivant

Poker is like poetry it sucks

So I win 18K in Ireland for Irish Open chip lead 18 out and I blow it again coming 15th and I’m fucking beyond miserable I drink Guinness and think about the final hand SB 10 bb shove and my 10 BB call with Q9o “It may be a chip EV call but on GTOWizard with ICM implications I think it is a mistake” says the guy sitting next to my brother..

Fuck fuckity fuck you….I envisage ripping his heart out and eating it…

Sunday Million blow up

I blew it up, first with 43 left and came 39th out of 11,600 runners. I could cry, what was I thinking self sabotage, weakness of character, lack of critical thinking in the clutch moments of life and single malt whiskey all sent me to the rail in one ridiculous hand.

The Villain went on to come second and I have been in bed since with a cold feeling empty inside.

I’ve ordered more poker books and have decided to take this game down once and for all, I will master the edges and pick my spots.

One day soon I’ll bring home £1MM and say “My name Ozymandias King of Kings look on my works ye Mighty and despair”

Getting Ready for WSOP Las Vegas

Playing online and reviewing some books. James Sweeney’s I bought to support him as I have watched many of his YouTube videos and I am sure he has improved my game over the years.

Pretty sure I have done the Harrington Workbook but it is missing from my library so being OCD I bought a new copy and will re-do the exercises as I feel I will have improved from my first time of reading the book. The Essential Poker Math is quite basic for my level but now and then I review foundational items as you are never 100% take everything in first time.

I’m watching PokerGo coverage of the WSOP and can’t wait to fly out on Tuesday 16th. I’ve been checking Poker Atlas for some tournaments, I may play the $800 Deepstack WSOP 2 day event on Thursday 18th.

Essential Poker Math, Expanded Edition: Fundamental No-Limit Hold’em Mathematics You Need to Know – Alton Hardin

The POSTFLOP Poker Workbook: Advanced Technical Analysis Of The Flop And Beyond – James Sweeney

Workbook (v. 3): Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments (Harrington on Hold ’em: Expert Strategies for No Limit – Dan Harrington

Aspers Tuesday £50

Shoved 12BB over an open with QQ called by AK, ace first card off the deck and home by 10:30. Don’t bluff at Aspers just value bet when will I learn. Aghhh

What happened to Annette Obrestad?

Has she given up poker? So hot then so not…


Aspers £50 Wednesday

Played badly busted first 20 mins. I called a limp with 4 6 hearts 6 handed from SB. I flopped a flush and bet 1,000 was raised to 5,000 and then there was a shove which I called. Original raiser called and I was drawing dead to a 9 high flush. I Rebought and dusted my stack off with 15 left and £930 up top paying top 7. This was a fold…knew as soon as I called, far to emotional. I need to think and do my script.

Just some awful play…bad bets, bad calls and acting without thinking. I need to review my script and do my shove table quizzes until I know them 100%.

£107.50 including parking…donkey boy

Know when to C-bet


Donkey at the Vic ate my lunch

The Vic and I do not get on and today was no exception. With blinds at 100/300/300 UTG limped and the whole table followed suit. I raise to 2,800 from BB with a stack of 6,500 with AJs. I should have just shoved but UTG +2 was so bad I thought he’d call which he did. I hit a flop of J86 which I shoved as he was so bad he’d have called with 4th pair. He called and rolled over 8 6 for two pair…and I hit the rail £57 in 1 hr 15 mins…screw the Vic too far too go for this nonsense.

DNegs $50,000 in two hands

DNegs blows $50,000 in two hands after re-registering with 8 mins to go. Unfortunately starts with 15 BB in the Big Blind and folds Q4. The next hand versus a Button raise, he shoves A10s from the SB and is called by AQ which holds. Makes my £57 loss at The Victoria this afternoon look like a bar tip!

PLANES – Pre-flop

Split Suit always has good advice you should subscribe…

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