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Leon Gets Lucky at PLO


100/200 with Boris Becker at Kings Casino

This is crazy 189K 20 minutes in with a bluff…called by K10 on a king high flop…

Leon calls a 50K all in preflop with 6c7c…wow I need to be in that game the other guy had Kings and they held….

Seeing some classic poker tells at this table learn yours here and here

Both old school and new school…Zachery Elwood is on his game as is Mike Caro



Equilab seems to have replaced PokerStove

Apparently Equilab is PokerStove on steroids get it here.

I’ve downloaded a copy to my PC but not sure there is an android version for my phone.


Shoving AK

All the value of AK is in its fold equity, I see people call all ins with AK happily only to find themselves getting in as a dog with 42% equity. This Video by SplitSuit may be of interest, he does excellent content at The Poker Bank check out his videos here.



Durrr Million Dollar Challenge – Back in the day

Check out action from 2011 featuring Durrr’s Million Dollar Challenge here.

These are heads up matches at the height of Tom’s powers I may review them all as studying heads up with Will Tipton,


Guy Laliberte loses $25M

Cheating in Poker

I came across this video on poker cheats




Phil Ivey $20M win and the Edge Sorting Outcome

Sauce123 Ben Sulsky – Who Fedor Holz learnt from…

Sauce123 aka Ben Sulsky is a high stakes winner $4.8 Million.





Johnathan Little – 157 Poker Hands to Review

Check out Johnathan Little’s poker videos here 

I’m going to work through his 157 hand review

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