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Aussie Millions 2017 Final Table – Great Viewing

Great final table at the Aussie Millions and one of the guys at the final table is on his first live cash ever! Poker is a crazy game…


Made it past the £400 barrier at Cash…£400.08….Then it converted it to £399.99

Cashed to £400.08, promised myself that if I could grind to above £400 I would play the £220 888 Aspers tomorrow…watching the Aussie Millions final table 2017…it has been a pleasant evening up and down till finally I stacked a couple of people.

Cash moving forward

Made it to £366 at cash shoved $31 on river over a $10 pot with quad kings and got called by AQ for a full double up. Hard to play quads on the flop out of position but you can never really go wrong shoving the nuts.

Cash Yo Yo – Broke the £300 barrier

Bouncing around on cash went from £290 to £240 and closed the session at £306.

Just as I think I’ve got the  feel of it I make a major mistake. I busted 2400BB with Queens all in pre, I’d justed stacked initial raiser who had rebought. I re-raised on the button the next hand as I had done the previous hand with 67s, the BB raised to $7 and the cut-off shoved his $25 stack. I was sure he was tilted from the previous hand and I re-shoved $60 with QQ assuming the BB had me down as a loose player making a move. Unfortunately he insta called with Kings and the cut-off won with a lucky rivered straight with AQ. A whole nights work blown in one hand, how can I still be making these basic errors when I have studied so much? Lesson learnt, don’t assume anything at the poker table and don’t bet more than required. A simple call would have sufficed or a fold which perhaps given the action is the better play.

Hopefully now I can push on to the £400 barrier. Keen to play the 888 Aspers £88K GTD £220 buy-in on Friday night or Saturday afternoon in Stratford.


Honesty in multi-way pots

The likelihood a player’s betting reflects the true strength of his hand is proportional to the number of players in the pot.

The more players the less chance he is bluffing

Good day at Cash up to £301

Had a girlfriend over and dumped $46 on a semi-bluff after a couple of glasses of Prosecco. It took me down to £202  today watching Chelsea and The Pink Panther Returns I have managed to take my bankroll back over the £300 barrier, just stacked aces with pocket nines for $25 hitting a set on the flop, I re-raised and he insta shipped.

It feels good to be on an upswing closing out for the day and thinking about the £220 888 next week at Aspers. Will look to qualify in the week.



Brian Rast Wins $3Million pot at Aria

Podcast here where Brian talks about his life and poker.

Great article on Durrr – Some good poker history

Read all about it here


Reading and buying too many books

Just bought Will Tipton’s books on Heads Up, not sure why as I have one to read already by Collin Moshman from 2010 which I haven’t finished. It has been such a long time I’ll need to start again at the beginning, perhaps I should review Will’s books first as they are only just published and Collin’s was from 2010.

Cash is now at £250 and moving in the right direction, shoved over a raise of 0.75 for $25 with Aces and was called by pocket tens for a nice double up, I was tired of getting done by 2 pair on the river….not the best way to play them.

Thinking of Grand Prix in Cork, but need to qualify first and perhaps there is better value in local events. Cash game festival at Aspers but have guests for the weekend, let’s see what happens may play Sunday.

Disastrous cash

Playing awfully missing every draw bluffing into the nuts and not barrelling on hands that would have folded…it seems as if every decision is wrong. £147 my graph is in full plummet…it doesn’t look good…I need more study…

Online is a difficult environment and I may be getting exploited based on my stats, it does seem as if the tables have been turned on me.

However perhaps if I review the disastrous hands I would realise that I have beaten myself most of the time.

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