Poker is a brutal game it will show you new ways to lose and leave you lost.

Now the biggest crime at the poker table is to confuse bad luck with bad play, but sometimes you don’t know what side of the equation you are on.

So I hustled a $22 ticket into a $215 shot at a 10 x $1,500 Prague satellite which I lead all the  way before coming 11th.

So I called an all in versus KK with AQ for 15BB when I could have preserved my stack and got home, someone was all in and behind to hit a 3 outer on the river to steal my place as I busted next hand. It was a cruel bubble but I consoled myself that in reality it had saved me a grand on hotels and flights…

I played the $40 at Aspers and lost to runner runner straight I saw the flop saw I was 90% good and  tried to figure out how I could lose…

I have a new girlfriend who is dragging me off the felt and I must admit I don’t know what is better to be under a woman’s thumb or to be a losing poker player.

I’m giving up the game until I have a new job, losing money is no fun.

Poker has a long way to go before it replaces women but at other times it is the perfect remedy for them.