Gave Godaddy one last call and the guy seems to have fixed my access issue as I can finally access my website again.

Played the £50 Wednesday game at Apsers last week and came 5th for £175 it was fun to be back at a final table. I folded to an UTG 20 BB shove whils holding AKs from a tight player before the bubble. There were three short stacks and I couldn’t handle busting without cashing after the long grind. I thought there were better spots for my 23BB stack however SnapShove tells me I should call AQ+ and 99+ ….perhaps it was a mistake.

Played Friday £60 at Aspers £10K Gtd and came 100th. I opened KJo from UTG+1 got a call on the button and a shove for 10BB form the BB who had A 10o, I snap re-shoved only to be called by the button’s AQo an ace on the flop sent me home. I had been so card dead, I should have realised the button would call as he had a large stack, I could have found a better spot for my 20BB there was no rush. Poor decision.

Played on Wednesday and was very card dead, opened AJo UTG for 3 BB of a stack of 20BB and got balled but UTG+2 and the BB. The flop came Jack high with 3 diamonds and I shoved after the BB checked only to get called by a set of deuces with the nut flush as my outs which didn’t come.

It was poor play to shove as I had the draw to the nut flush so had nothing to be scared of, the final outcome wouldn’t have changed but I definitely played it badly but I am rusty. I need to slow down and ensure all my decisions are well thought out and optimal. I also showed a bluff which is a major flaw I need to lose before Vegas good players do not show cards or talk strategy!!