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Month: April 2017

How to play Trips and Sets


Lessons learnt from Nottingham – DO NOT SLOW PLAY BIG HANDS

  1. Don’t call re-raises with trouble hands
  2. If you are going to go all the way with your draw get it all in and take the fold equity, don’t raise and call it off to lose to someone who would have folded top pair to your overshove.
  3. When you hit big hands bang the chips in on every street. Do not flop a set and check any street, aim to get your whole stack in on the river without an overbet. DO NOT SLOW PLAY BIG HANDS.

Off to Millions in Nottingham

It isn’t every week you get to play for a Million first place prize…off to DuskTillDawn to take it down.

Early 9 a.m. Start from Reading.

How to play small pairs


Playing the trouble hands


Playing High Stakes – Specialist v Generalist

Macau’s Chun Lei Zhou “samrostan” & “patpatpanda” Lost some money…..

OK so I check highstakesdb.com and see Samrostan is up $54K for the day but his graph shows  a different story down $9.9M.

“Yes, ‘patpatpanda’ is me, ‘samrostan’ is me,”  said Zhou “I played for a long time, and lost some money. Then I changed my account to ‘samrostan.’”

Where do you get $9.9M to lose? Full article here

Interesting article on the biggest whales in poker here

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