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Month: September 2017

Know who is playing scared money – Kassouf gets owned

I love Mike Matusow when he says this at the end “You have to know who is playing off scared money and who is not”

Worst thing was Will showed that he was capable of folding 2 pr and playing too snug for the game opening himself to be put in future tough spots. Never show especially never show tight folds it’s amateurish.

Andrew Robl – Busto to Robusto

Not sure about Andrew Robl his Herndon Mob seems to have dried up.

If you lose $130K in a night the wins vanish pretty quickly.


All In The Poker Movie



10,000 hits and Stu Ungar

Before Durrr and Isuldur1 there was Stu Ungar this is his story. I started this blog over a year ago finally made 10,000 hits on my counter, the blog is for me showing what I watch or do around poker because one day I’ll be good and people will be able to see the journey…



SplitSuit is great – Blumsein’s perfect turn bet in WSOP

You play poker for these spots

I watched this live on PokerGO Bill Perkins butchers pocket aces and costs himself nearly $500K approx 300BB given $1,600 straddle…

$300K in the last 3 hands – A drunk Doug Polk

We’ve all been there drunk at a poker game and blasting it off on the last 3 hands. At high stakes it can get expensive as Doug Polk explains.

I know that dread feeling as you hit the morning shower…hard to shake off…

Stu Ungar – The Bobby Fisher of Poker

If you don’t know about Stu Ungar then you should watch these videos. A crazy story of a card playing savant who was way ahead of his time.







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