Mansour Matloubi according to Wiki the only every British winner of the WSOP main event apparently playing under a Welsh flag, I wonder if I could track him down and interview him. He won it in 1990 the last winner to win under $1 Million and also made the final table in 1993 he is rumoured to  live in London I really should try to meet him, I’d love to hear his story. Great “Where are they now” article here which has an interesting link to Dave “Devil Fish” Uliott the new Poker Hall of Fame member. Hendon mob here

“WSOP Championship winner in 1990, Iranian born player that played under a Welsh flag when active and is now rumoured to reside in London. Has not played many high visibility tournaments in recent years, but is rumoured to still have a sharp game. Matloubi has the dubious honour of being involved on the losing end of an incredible pot played heads up with Stuey Ungar shortly after his WSOP win. Ungar called him down with Ten-high and won, leading Matloubi to cry ‘uncle’ and refused to play Ungar again.
(Simon Galloway Jan 2009)”

Mansour Matloubi is an Iranian-British professional poker player living in London.

Matloubi won the 1990 World Series of Poker Main Event, making him the first non-American to do so. He also made the final table of the 1993 Main Event, where he finished in fourth place. He was eliminated by the eventual winner, Jim Bechtel.

As of 2016, his total live tournament winnings exceed $2,010,000.[1] His 14 cashes at the WSOP account for $1,214,062 of those winnings.[2]