Took a break from poker for a week, missed Friday’s game, I went out with a pretty girl instead…I was planting flowers in the garden “Do you have to be somewhere” she said. “No” I said and had a few beers and a curry with a charming woman.

The cards are always going to  be there. I’ve been studying hence all the SplitSuit videos on my blog, I’m impressed by them and it has made me review my fundamentals and shown me some other plays.

Not sure what my next step is, I did an itinerary for Vegas for the guys and have a copy of Kenny Hallaert’s Vegas spreadsheet. I fancy playing the $1,000 Seniors event, but may try to satellite in.

I have the FA Cup Final next Saturday, England v Barbarians Sunday and then the Play-Off Final Monday.

Apser’s has the 888 next week and as I’m busy all weekend I’ll be unable to play.

Will check perhaps I’ll play something online….but prefer a live game…