Last night played one $22 tournament playing well min raised from button with AK and SB shoved a decent stack, I called and his AQ hit a Queen on the flop. I was 70% good but play small ball when you have a skill edge remove the variance by avoiding these large decisions. I could have folded and lost 320 instead of getting 17,000 in good and busting. It should have been a simple task to win a $109 ticket with the stack I had.

Went to Aspers Casino and played a £20 tournament for 4 x  £220 888 tickets, I did £80 in re-buys and add-ons and went home after a losing a 10BB flip from the Small Blind with KQ v 99. I should have done a stop and go it was a good spot for it, but I hate shoving having missed to get called by someone who has spiked an ace. This was a clear spot for a stop and go and I should have taken that option as it had some additional fold equity which I left on the table.

I then did 3 x$22 playing for $109 ticket tournaments, in one I blew a top 5 stack on one hand with AQ with 9 players left , I should have folded the turn and thought of ICM implications. River was a an Ace, I checked and the villain shoved with a Full house Aces over Jacks exactly the hand I put him on when he bet the run. My trip Aces with Queen kicker were only a bluff catcher and should have gone in the muck.

Best decision I made was quitting for the night, I nearly used my £550 ticket to play the deep stack online day one rather than head to Nottingham this weekend, feeling low playing badly and hitting no cards. When you play badly there is no hope in poker and when you lose flips one after the other it’s demoralizing. That’s poker folks.