Travelled to Apsers for the Thursday afternoon £40 entry £1,000 Gtd with £5 bounty. First hand with blinds at 50/25 we get a raise UTG of 100 and UTG+1 re-raises to 200 and a caller from the SB. I put in an extra 150 with 87o from the BB and UTG completes and we go 4 way to the flop 9 10 J 2 hearts, SB checks and I bet 500 into the 800 pot, UTG folds and UTG makes it 1,200, I re-raise to 2,900 and UTG folds, UTG+1 tanks and finally calls. I thought he may be Hollywooding but was still surprised that he called. The turn was a blank as as we started with 8K stacks I put him all in hoping he’d flopped a set or had an overpair or the flush draw with AK. He called “Do you have King Queen?” I asked “Yeah…” 160 BB in one hand not good poker.

I re-entered and called what I took to be a button squeeze only to run into pocket aces I then raised to 425 with A9o from mid-position and go called from button and the big blind. I checked a flop of A Q 10 only for the button to raise to 1,000 I had 2,000 left and stuck it in to be shown AJ, it was a simple fold I would have had 10BB to play on with. £80 down in 50 minutes I got a pizza in Franco Manca and went home to play cash on-line which was the right decision as I was definitely on tilt.