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Month: February 2017

Jake Cody’s Video Blog

I’ve just come across Jake Cody’s video blog which has some interesting stuff and is worth a watch pilot episode below

Feel the pain and vow to be better

OK still haunted by dumping £230 on a hand with an awful bluff, just terrible play.

I feel the pain and vow to work harder on my mental game and my strategic game.

Currently my account is at £273 from a high of £366 some bad play in there and some bad beats too. Working on getting my $VPIP down to a sensible figure 25-30% and learning to fold, I need to fold more I am a pay off wizard as Esfandiari would say.

I have Positive Poker  to listen to on Audible hopefully that will help, I’m sure the Zen of Poker covered most of this ground but I obviously need to work on it a little bit more.

Abusive player at 25NL – Sent to support

Played 25NL and had some abusive chat without really any provocation, there is nothing missing in this interaction I’ve just deleted the hand information.  I think I should disable chat from now on no one needs this…

Lieutenant_OH7: ur a very slow pusssy
VinnyElViper: whatever
Lieutenant_OH7: vinny, do u have a h0rny mom n3gro?
Lieutenant_OH7: Vinny, I really want your moms hairy pusssy…
Lieutenant_OH7: Vinny my boy, you should never be ashamed for ur mom
Lieutenant_OH7: even if she’s hairy…
Lieutenant_OH7: you should change ur name to “slow vinny”
VinnyElViper: sent your chat to support enjoy
Lieutenant_OH7: hahaha he went crying to support, how funny
Lieutenant_OH7: i think vinny is crying atm, hopefully his mom is there to support him
Lieutenant_OH7: vinny do you need a tissue to dry ur tears? haha

An old friend payed a visit last night – Mr Self-sabotage

I played the local Reading £25 tournament with £20 add on. Played well but with 15BB I had a shove from a 6BB stack in and called with AQs only to be called by the button who had Kings.

Played cash, I had been watching from the sidelines, every pot seemed to involve everyone putting in £2 and playing 7-10 handed. I gave the big speech about how I  wasn’t going to be playing mum and pop poker and sat down with £200.  Limped 2 callers and cutt-off made it £10 to go. I looked down to find AQ and made it £20, fold, fold and button shoves for an extra £74. He’d just lost half his stack with 10s to a rivered 2pr that should never have got there and this was the next hand, that combined with my speech made me call. I was shown pocket queens and was down almost half my stack on first hand.

Just as I am about to go playing the last hand with a stack of £284 we have a limped pot with 7 players and I look down in the SB with J90 and make it £16 everyone folds to the button who completes. The flop comes KQ rag with no flush draw and I make it £25 and the button min-raises to £50 I call with a gut-shot why I don’t know. The turn is a blank and I shove with just a gutshot. Villain calls and I dump £16+£50+£164 = £230 into AK for an easy call.  Why I don’t know I’ll never be a poker player until I can rid myself of this major flaw. It is hard enough to win without donking yourself off for no good reason, had a bad night’s sleep and it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up.

My brother looked at me like I was stupid and he was right, just awful. Never drink and play poker for money, even though I had only had 4 pints it was enough to put me off my game.

I don’t hate poker, I hate the way I play poker…


Phil Ivey Dumps $3Million at craps – Major leakage

In Molly’s Game there is  reference to her seeing Phil Ivey drop $3 Million at craps one evening, I did see a video on YouTube where he supposedly lost $1 Million in an afternoon. I get the feeling Phil will be declared bankrupt soon, especially after the $10M Borgata ruling.

Won a $270 ticket

Came 2nd in a $270 satellite tournament with 56 runners  and then the tournament online day one immediately started. I ran into a set pretty early on holding an overpair and then got 20BB in with pocket eights to be called by pocket tens. I played for about 40 minutes, just awful. Cash took a turn for the better and despite playing some awful hands managed to get to £366 by 23:11 but playing on….Finished 00:52 with £348…

I’m somewhat tilted by fact the satellite was for an online day one as I like to play these live and would have liked to play it on a different day…still next time.

Cash all day and no gain…well a small one…

Played cash badly at 25NL and ended up with a balance of £311…slightly up.

I seem to do some ridiculous $25 bluff with no good reason on boards that don’t even give the Villain any concern…shoved into top set…must have thought I was the worst player on the planet. If I could cut out these huge leaks I’d be golden, trying to cut down my $VPIP% but it is proving difficult for me to get below 35%.

Played some $2 satellites and donked myself off and also played a $55 where I also needlessly donked myself off with AK when I’d missed the flop.

More Cash Up and then Down

Ran $25 up to $100 took a break then on returning the cards went against me and pretty much lost it all.

I didn’t play too bad but some coolers took some pots away from me on the river.

There was a spell where I could have been up a couple of hundred dollars, but river cards killed my hands, when I opened Queens an ace would fall and opponents would start betting.

The worst was where I flopped a straight and got in in against the nut flush draw and AK the tun was an Ace and river was a King for a runner runner full house for about $65 I then had a guy all in on the river holding the nuts and he rivers a flush with the 3 of hearts in his hand as the board puts 4 flush cards out for another $40 pot.

I came 8th in a $11 satellite to the $55  which paid 5, I shoved K 10 for 6BB into pocket kings. Played an awful hand when I was 5th in chips and lost a third of my stack c-betting a paired board and barrelling the turn. That is when I blew it….from there it all went down hill quickly…

Played till 01:12 my play was OK some dubious calls and some lousy bluffs.

Balance £304.20 it was £392 at one point in the session.


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