Confusing bad play with bad luck.

OK so I lost some hands

I did 200BB $50 with AK v Aces all in pre-flop which isn’t good play.

I then did $25 all in pre-flop with Aces v Kings only for the Kings to hit a set on the turn.

I then limp called with Aces got raised to $1.50 from Button a call from BB and the original limper. I made it $5.50 to go the BB calls, the initial limper goes all in for $9, I call as does BB. BB bets $0.25 into $25 pot I raise to $14 and he shoves $22 into 8QJ with a flush draw with is K4 and hits his flush to win a $71 pot.

Played too many hands but I do feel I got a little unlucky too.

In the $11 satellite tournament I played I shoved Kings near the bubble to be called by AJ and first card out was the ace with 20 left and paying 15. If I won that hand I’d have picked up a $55 ticket for the next level.