Pop into Aspers as was keen to play the £440 888 event tomorrow and there was a 3 pm £30 satellite 4,000 starting stack . I called a min-raise of 200 from the maniac UTG+2 in MP with 57 and the player next to me as does the BB for 4 way to a flop.

The initial raiser c-bets 400 and I call  on a 357 flop two hearts, the player behind raises to 1,000, BB folds as does the initial raiser I go all in for almost 4,000 and get the call. The cards are turned over and he has 35 for bottom 2 no hearts a 3 on the river gives him the pot and all but cripples me, he had 3 outs for nearly all my chips, variance is killing me.

Shortly after I was out and heading home, no point trying to beat a game that is beating you up.