Came 81st out of 224 runners in the Friday £60 buy-in at Aspers played well and finished at midnight so not a bad night out. I cashed the previous Sunday winning  £110 net in the £40 bounty where one regular called me an “annoying c**t” for banging my chip stacks down, cutting them and re-stacking, repeatedly. I think he was on tilt as I’d slow played a monster and he’d bluffed the river big with a busted draw. I busted him shortly afterwards when he open shoved his pocket 4s into my big blind holding pocket 7s  for 15BB.  I spoke to the card room manager and made it clear that his behaviour was unacceptable although he didn’t get a penalty. He did get spoken to about it, but it is not what you want to hear on a Sunday afternoon. Cash has been up and down playing $25NL, I was up to £130 then down to £20 now back to £235. It seems key to not bluff all-in at these levels and I had one disastrous hand where I lost $70 on a complete airball shove into turned trip aces. I also played 2 x $11 satellites for 5 x $55 gtd tickets to the $220 DTD monthly tournaments and was successful both times. I played one $55 entry and came 7th when 5 x $220 tickets were guaranteed, I was counterfeited on the river by AK when the board double paired. Not sure if it was the right move shoving pockets 5s into 5 with 17BB with ICM on a flat structure with 7 left paying 5. I’ve bought some books to read on mixed games and three books of poker essays, I’ll update once I have made more progress with them. Booked Las Vegas 15th June for 6 nights at the Bellagio, flying Virgin Premium Economy direct for a great rate of £1, 574 per person for Resort Queen with two beds with Expedia. I’m looking to play the WSOP 3 day Senior’s event for $1,000 with my brother.