Playing a $109 for 50 x $550 gtd 260 runners.

I’m in the big blind with Q2o  and comfortable in 3rd place no need to get busy, then I  get a raise from the button. I had 838K and he had 288K with the blinds 12K/24K and 2.5K antes, he raises 48K and my ego decides to play hardball and ship it. Aghhh… he has Aces, I get very lucky and turn trip Queens, sometimes it is your night, I move to top of the leader board with 1.1 Million.

I need to stay out of trouble and bank my $550 ticket as I’ll need it for the WPT, I always want to be 1st on the leader board, let’s leave the ego out if it today!

Off to Nottingham on Saturday should have two bullets for my shot at the $15oK first prize.

1.33 a.m. made it came 5th with 1.5 Million somehow Greeno99 got over the line with 11K when the blinds were 60/120K and antes 10K. It was fascinating watching the two super short stacks somehow make it home, can’t help but feel someone committed ICM suicide.