Played the £60 tournament at Apsers and played badly.

Mistake 1 – I limped Aces from small blind when I have 3 limpers in front of me of course the big blind checked too…awful play just awful. Never slow play big hands and if you do make sure there is a good reason such as an over aggressive Villain waiting to fall into  your trap.

Mistake 2 – Flatted a raise with AKs in position instead of raising, too passive, the value of AK is in its fold equity 2 out of 3 times you’ll miss the flop and be stuck with Ace high. This of course is what happened and then I decided to float a raise in position only for the small blind to make it 3 way before I folded to a bet on the turn.

Mistake 4 – Two mid position limpers blinds at 1500/3000 400 ante small blind completes and in the big blind I check with K80 with a stack of 80K giving a pot of 15,200.  Flop comes 8 4 5 rainbow and the small blind a good player bets 10,000 so what does he have? Donk bets are normally 2 pair or a pair plus draw, he  could have flopped the nuts  with 6 7 but a good player would check that. I should call and re-evaluate on the turn as I don’t know where I am in the hand, I’m either well ahead or way behind the worst spot in poker. Remember Rule 1 – If you don’t know where you are in the hand don’t bet. I raise to 20K  two folds and villain ships, I fold and he shows me his two pair. The days of betting for information are over this is just bad play, it allows me to find out I’m beat but I’d have been better investing 10K and perhaps outdrawing his hand and re-evaluating on the turn.

Mistake 3 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 500 ante pot of 10,500  before button raises to 11,000 and I ship 61,000 with J6s. So the pot is 82,500 and villain has to put in 50,000 to call  to win 82,500 giving  him odds of 1.65 : 1 (37%)on his call needing . He calls with A3o , I hit a Jack on the flop and he spikes an Ace on the turn to send me to the rail. Correct play fold and attack the blinds in the next few hands or wait for a better hand, I don’t like the idea of playing fit or fold out of position.

What do I know of the villain?

1. Not scared of big all in confrontations he shoved a nut flush draw over a raise for the majority of his stack earlier in the tournament. Enjoys the gamble of the situation something he shared with me after that hand.

2. Has a large enough stack to make the call

3. Knows how to play

When I look at this profile, although I assume he is raising almost any two into my stack size from the button I can find a fold and find a better spot to shove my 15BB especially as I have minimal fold equity.

£1,292 – £100 = £1,192