Super 60 at Aspers for £60 blinds are 400/800 with 100 ante raise UTG +2 to 2,000 with 3 callers and I wake up with JJ in the big blind with a stack of 40K and bump it to 12,500. Initial raiser tanks than goes all in and he is the big stack, previously he had called a 25BB shove from an under the gun raiser with a pair of eights. Two folds and I have  a decision 30K behind a playable stack and I try to get him to talk he remains silent but is his chest is breathing hard. My move looks like a squeeze play and I try to put him on a range and decide it is 88+ AQ+ and after much thought I call to get the bad news he has Kings. The board runs out and I’m out and heading for the door. Poker is a game of situations and in this situation may Jacks may be good, I want to fold but can’t, I level myself believing that he may be putting me on a squeeze, that combined with having been card dead led to the call.

When you make a bet know how you will respond and have a plan for the hand ask yourself “Am I prepared to play for my whole stack with this hand?” with Jacks this should be 10-15BB pre-flop for an all in, I managed to get 50BB and that is a major mistake.

People earn the right to bluff you by making bets, I should have let the hand go and found a better spot for my remaining 30 BB.

There is a story of two poker players who meetup in Las Vegas one asks the other how he’s doing and he replies “I’ve gone completely broke playing poker but the good news is no one bluffed me”.

Learn to let yourself be bluffed you’ll be richer for it.

£1,352 – £60 = £1,292