Bank roll £1,075 = £1,192 -$66 (3 x$22) yesterday and -$88 (4 x$22) and -$109 plus won 1 x $109 ticket

Played one $22 badly and then another when I hit top two on turn when the flush got there too, and after a check from villain I raised and was called. Then villain led the river for full pot and I called, just horrible! Check back the turn and bluff catch the river is the correct play or bet the turn and fold to the shove.

Played a $109 ticket for Caribbean blinds 400/800 raise RP to 2,000 and 4 callers I re-raise to 8,000 with AQs from the big blind and get folds but small blind calls flop comes 7 8 10 all diamonds. Check and I check back as I have no diamonds turn is a Queen, villain checks and I bet 8,000 and get a call. River is a blank villain checks and I ship in my remaining 9,500 Villain calls with the flopped straight made with 69o. Completely on tilt though my river bet would look like a busted flush draw bluff!!!