Just bought Will Tipton’s books on Heads Up, not sure why as I have one to read already by Collin Moshman from 2010 which I haven’t finished. It has been such a long time I’ll need to start again at the beginning, perhaps I should review Will’s books first as they are only just published and Collin’s was from 2010.

Cash is now at £250 and moving in the right direction, shoved over a raise of 0.75 for $25 with Aces and was called by pocket tens for a nice double up, I was tired of getting done by 2 pair on the river….not the best way to play them.

Thinking of Grand Prix in Cork, but need to qualify first and perhaps there is better value in local events. Cash game festival at Aspers but have guests for the weekend, let’s see what happens may play Sunday.