Played Aspers arrived late and I never do well if I don’t see the first hand off the deck. I try to ignore this but being a bit OCD I can’t help but notice this strange coincidence.

Interesting hand was where I called a raise on the button from MP and the BB completed, flop came K64 to give my 75 a straight draw and putting a flush draw out there. BB checks, MP checks and I raise 3/4 pot turn is a 6 and both villains check and I again make it 3/4 pot and get two callers. Not good, the river is a King giving a board of K646K and both players check and I bet nearly pot, the BB tanks and finally folds I know he has a 6 but it is for most of his chips then the MP player calls, I was sure he was on a flush draw from my read and he was but somehow thought his ace high was good. Next hand I had a straight flush draw and got it all in 3 way and busted out in under an hour and headed home. I then donked off $120 online at cash playing badly. Next day I recouped the $120 at cash and the following day made a $109 again and for some reason dumped $50 cash with some poor bluffs. Currently have £270 cash and $109 ticket in my account.