I like Doug Polk, he gives great analysis makes interesting videos and plays great poker. His Hendonmob profile shows a healthy $5,068,368 of tournament winnings and $577,266 at high stakes on line with Pokerstars where pots range from $20K to $100K.

Key point is how big is your edge online when six years of winnings can be wiped out in 5 hands? He was up $1.09M in Nov 2013  and is down $513K in just over the 3 years all of which are losing ones with PokerStars.

2014 down $161K

2015 down $57K

2016 down 94K

Good news for Doug on FullTilt he’s a winner up $1.58M for a combined total of $2.15Million. (See graphs below)

2014 up $1.08M

2015  up $48K

2016 no results