Bouncing around on cash went from £290 to £240 and closed the session at £306.

Just as I think I’ve got the  feel of it I make a major mistake. I busted 2400BB with Queens all in pre, I’d justed stacked initial raiser who had rebought. I re-raised on the button the next hand as I had done the previous hand with 67s, the BB raised to $7 and the cut-off shoved his $25 stack. I was sure he was tilted from the previous hand and I re-shoved $60 with QQ assuming the BB had me down as a loose player making a move. Unfortunately he insta called with Kings and the cut-off won with a lucky rivered straight with AQ. A whole nights work blown in one hand, how can I still be making these basic errors when I have studied so much? Lesson learnt, don’t assume anything at the poker table and don’t bet more than required. A simple call would have sufficed or a fold which perhaps given the action is the better play.

Hopefully now I can push on to the £400 barrier. Keen to play the 888 Aspers £88K GTD £220 buy-in on Friday night or Saturday afternoon in Stratford.