Terry Jordan joined my table briefly  for the £220 888 and played nearly every hand raising and re-raising, I think the stakes were on the low side for him. I’d recently seen him win the 2,000 Euro turbo event in Killarney and he seemed in the mood for action.  One hand particularly caught my attention, Terry had raised and the hand had gone three way, on the turn a second 3 arrived and Terry checked. There was an all-in, the next opponent tanked on the ace high board and I watched Terry look as if he couldn’t wait to muck his cards. He was getting ready to toss them over the line, moving them back and forth in a subtle but unmistakable motion. “That’s either terrible play or an angle shoot and Terry can play” I thought and sure enough as soon as the opponent folded Terry called the all-in showing K3 for trip 3’s. Beware the false tell, know your opponent.