They have a free roll on a Sunday at Aspers you get 4,000 chips plus 500 extra for each tournament played.

I busted and rebought you get 6,000 per rebuy and 12,000 as an add on, both for £40 so I was in for £80. With 80 runners it paid 16 x £440 1 x £220 and £29 cash.

In the BB 18 left with blind at 1,500/3,000 and a stack of 15,000 behind I call the raise from the big stack with 10, 10 and he shows KQo and hits his Queen on the flop.  I was the short stack and not sure I could gave folded to a £440 ticket, but perhaps to the £220. Down £51 and despondent with poker.

Could/should I have folded under ICM?