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Cash Converters wish me luck

I’m going to become a cash player. I’ve always focused on tournaments but cash seems to be where the action is, the variance in tournaments is too great. Playing hours of poker to book min wins is disheartening and you never feel great unless you come first so mentallly and emotionally it is taxing.

Up until now cash has always killed me but I know poker and I shouldn’t be scared. I’m better than most players andI can read people and hands well.

Start point is I need to do the following to get to my A game:

  1. Watch the Deuces Cracked cash game series again and take notes
  2. Reread my 3 Harrington cash game books
  3. Read my Jonathan Little cash books
  4. Watch the 166 poker hands videos from Jonathan Little here
  5. Listen to Jonathan Little Small Stakes Cash Games
  6. I need to track poker loses and wins on an Poker Income Ultimate


Bill Perkins such a fish

Watching Bill Perkins he has been check raised twice on Poker After Dark and instead of slowing down just plowed on putting chips in the pot when not knowing where he was.

Needless to say one cost him I thing £250K and the other nearly £500K. I haven’t seen him play so much before and thought he was better, but some of his bets are only called by a hand that would beat him. He bets into Durrr when he has 3rd pair and Durrr has nothing, he really needs to review his game it has some terrible flaws.

If you face resistance with Aces slow down, they are only one pair he got 1,250BB with one pair not good poker.

Watching Poker After Dark and Lauren Roberts butcher her chips…

I can’t bear to watch Lauren Roberts play poker, she can’t even chip shuffle, there she is playing the big game badly and then she plays with her chips so badly it could be my grandmother at the kitchen table.

Meanwhile I get coolered for £450 in a cash had to a guy who once called me “an annoying cunt” at the table…go figure.

I need to learn the butterfly, play with style at least riffle…


Played great poker and got beaten like a dog

So I pop into Aspers and play the £40 afternoon tournament. I open KQ and get two caller c-bet and get called, check turn and MP bets and I fold. The guy on my left has poor hygiene and I am facing away as he says “I’m betting in the dark” MP shoves over his 900 raise for 3,000 and with 20BB 6,300 I shove with 88 to get called by QQ from UTG and MP has A5o. Was this a Tony G angle shoot?

Queens hold and I head to cash tables buying in for £100 I run it down to £25 and then add another £100 and hit some hands and get up to £240 in front of me and feeling good and playing well.

A guy who once called me “an annoying cunt” in a tournament where I called the floor and we shared some words before I bust him shortly after opened for £8 from the CO. I re-raised to 1,000 with 9c10c and he called. The flop came 4cAc8c and the CO checked I bet £20 and he called, the turn was a 5d and he checked again. I bet £40 making the pot £102 and he shoved all-in I snapped called and he showed Ah5h and the river came a 5c to give him the full house and £450 pot.

Poker is a brutal game, I played well and lost £240. I shook his hand and said “nice hand” then he dragged the pot as I headed home.


Durrr with Aces shouldn’t be allowed

Playing AK out of position in cash games – Alec Torelli

Brian Paris…Top 5 online tournament grinders

Isuldur1 $1.9M upswing In 2017

When everyone seems to abandoned high stakes online you have to give Victor “Isuldur1” Blom props for taking on all comers at the highest stakes in a variety of games. If only he hadn’t played poker that night he lost $4.1M…


Tom Dwan “Durrr” playing Poker After Dark Tonight on PokerGo

I loved the BLUFF cover of Tom Dwan back in the day with the title “King of the nosebleeds” and a picture of Tom with a trickle of blood coming from his nose. “I want to be that guy” I thought splashing wild amounts of money around whilst looking completely relaxed even when running sick bluffs.


He apparently was up $1.7M from those sessions.I’m looking forward to his return, will the game have passed him by? Did he really go broke? An old pro once told me “If you don’t see them in Vegas during the WSOP they are broke…”

Joey Ingram is very excited his video below shows some classic Tom moments.

Playing Kings when an ace flops -SplitSuit

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