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Johnathan Little – YouTube Channel Videos

I’ve read plenty of Johnathan Little’s books on poker and they are excellent.

Take advantage of the free videos he has created on his YouTube channel to improve your game. I’m going to work through all is content during the next few weeks in an effort to take my game to the next level.



“Does anyone here have a job?” – Negreanu identifies the fish….

Daniel Negreanu in his Vlog says this in every tournament not to be friendly just to find out who the recreational players are….see 13:05

Corey Zeidman Slow Roll….Again?

Watching Daniel Negreanu call out Corey Zeidman for another slow roll in the $10K Stud 8 or Better said he had previous and called him a liar. This is one incident he mentioned versus Jennifer Harman, just watched it again this is an awful slow roll, horrible etiquette. Never do this at the table it is not cool and is a very amature move.

Leon owing $2 Million after losing $3Million Plus in the Aria in 90 minutes!!

Buy some chips and learn some tricks

If you sit at a poker table know how to do the butterfly, chip twirl is the minimum requirement.

You can learn here and get some clay chips of Ebay

Knuckle Roll is cool to classic gangsta

Don’t buy yourself out of the winning hand


Jeremy Kauffman seems like an action guy

German Poker Championship 6th – 14th August

I’m going to relax from poker but putting this in my diary as Leon Tsoukernik did a great job in Vegas with his King’s Lounge and it’s been on my list to visit for a while. Hopefully my Berlin poker buddies can find their way there too.

Dusk Till Dawn Million £220 Entry

I stayed up till nearly 4 am watching this tournament play down as far as I could see no deal was done and the winner took down £150K for first place. He 4-Bet shoved J 10 over a button raise 3 handed and was called by AK but hit his Jack on the flop. He held to double up crippling the 3rd place finisher in the process, who I thought was playing the best poker. Robert G took his good fortune to the bank and was a deserved winner, he never stopped betting and barrelling. He bluffed off some chips but got back on the horse each time and chipped his way to the win.

Not sure when the video will be on YouTube but well worth a watch, as are all the DTD Videos, Jesse May did the commentary and it was interesting mix of good analysis and poker stories.

Check out some other DusktillDawn videos here, my favourite poker room where I learnt to play. If you haven’t played there you really must go to one of their tournaments, they are currently doing a £200 with £100K GTD every week.


Daniel Negreanu – Good Guy

I wasn’t sure about Daniel but having watched his blog he comes across as a guy who is trying to live a life the right way. The episode with his vision board and what he is working on in his life was very interesting I have to say he’s a good guy trying to live a life that if we all did the same would make the world a better place to live in. I share the same philosophy create the world you’d want to live in, if you find a wallet hand it in to the police etc.

The strange this is we are both working on poker a game that no matter which way you look at it may do more harm than good.  When I see graphs of people having lost £500K I worry.

3,002nd on England All Time Money List on Hendon Mob

My 27th place finish nearly took me into the top 3,000 still a long way to go….

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