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Value 4-Betting and correct sizing

Playing the Blinds

How to Play a Poker Hand

How to C-Bet – SplitSuit

How to size bets

I see people make a lot of betting mistakes this video tells you all you need to know

How to use Flopzilla

Playing KK on Ace High Flop

How does Phil Ivey do this? Is this a great read or is it just a gambler gambling?

With no draws you are only beating a bluff, how does he make this call?

Comment from the thread nails it IMHO

“I see Ivey’s read like this… Jason squeezed the straddle so he has a pretty wide range of premiums TT+ AQ, AK and bluff type hands like he had. The flop comes out extremely dry with no overcards for ivey, Jason cbets, Ivey check raises. Once Ivey check raises he knows the play for Jason with AA KK QQ is to just call and let Ivey keep barreling while pot controlling at the same time. 4 betting all in by Jason on the flop with AA would severely be overplaying his hand on such a dry board. Once Jason shoves all in he isn’t repping any value at all except sets and that would be hard for him to have as he would likely just call preflop and set mine.’ And who shoves a set there…so what is Jason repping?

Playing Sets and Trips – SplitSuity

Impressed by the content of SplitSuit videos on YouTube

I’m currently in full review mode as although my game is good I still make fundamental mistakes which annoy the hell out of me and when I make mistakes I always go back to basics and ensure my fundamentals are correct.

Playing Pocket Aces

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