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Month: March 2017

Back to Back $109 satellite tickets to the Millions

Two wins in a row 1st place last night and 2nd today…time to win a million…feeling good…

Won a $109 ticket from a $22 satellite to the Millions

Played well and came first, cash went well today played 100NL this morning and made $60 so a pretty good day…now for the next stage…

Don’t muck the winning hand…

It is hard enough winning without mucking the winning hand…

Played £220 888 at Aspers came 35th out of 440 for £540

I played the £220 888 at Aspers and came 35th for £540.

Final hand UTG limper and 3 callers I shove 16BB with AJs and get called by UTG’s KQ0. He puts in half his stack and hits a Queen on the turn to send me to the rail. I  find it frustrating when people limp then call a shove, if he’d raised I may have folded.

I played really well hardly making a mistake but you have to win these flips at the business end of the tournament. First place was £18K and went to a guy I had chatted to before start of day 2, I showed him how I was checking my table on Hendonmob.com and putting their stack sizes down so that I knew where I was from the off.

Getting close, I raised 88 off a 13BB stack and folded to shove from the hijack. I engaged him in chat and he seemed comfortable that combined with his tight image made me fold and I felt certain it was a good fold. After busting I nearly made the exit when I turned around and went back to ask him what he had, “A pair of kings” he said.

Luke Schwartz let’s off some steam….

Luke Schwartz let’s off some steam

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