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Rule 51 -Know what is a 3-Bet and 3-Bet %

What is a 3-Bet?


1 Bet = Big Blind

2 Bet = Raise

3 Bet = Re-Raise (Second raise, going over the top of the first raiser)

4 Bet = Re-raise of a Re-raise (3-Bet)

Cold 4 Bet = When the 4-Bet comes for a player entering the pot normally a nutted hand

On Flop  we have the following

1 Bet = Raise

2 Bet = Re-Raise (Second raise, going over the top of the first raiser)

3  Bet= Re-raise of a Re-reraise

<6% only re-raising premium holdings

8%-9% Some bluff in there 1 in 4 times a medium hand

>10% Lot of bluff

>13% Hard to be +EV


Rule 50 – Be Aware with ICM not all chips are equal

ICM  = Independent Chip Model not all chips are equal

In poker, the Independent Chip Model (ICM) is a mathematical model used to calculate a player’s overall equity in a tournament. The model uses stack sizes alone to determine how often a player will finish in each position (1st, 2nd, etc.). A player’s probability of finishing in each position is then multiplied by the prize amount for that position and those numbers are added together to determine the player’s overall equity.

ICM Factors to be aware of:

Size of your stack

  1. Size of your opponents stack
  2. Payout structure

Punish opponents by making your bets a potential ICM disaster should they go bust.

Rule 49 – %VPIP you can’t play a piano and guitar at the same time

%VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money In Pot)

<10% Nit too tight

<15% Tight hard to exploit

20% – If you are a losing player and this is not your number make it your number

>25% Loose starting to splash – potential losing player

>30% very loose player – If they are not losing they could most likely be winning more

You can win being loose but you have to be a great post flop player and hand reader. If  you are not, stick to 20% for the best of both worlds. If you are above 20% and losing adjust you ranges downwards. Who knows you may be a Mozart but trying to play the piano and guitar at the same time.

Rule 48 – Call, Value Bet, Bluff – What hands lose, call or fold?

Key to betting is this, do it every time.

  • Before you call a bet, list the hand that you beat
  • Before you make a value bet, list the hands that will call
  • Before you make a bluff, list the hands that will fold

Rule 49 – Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Tilt is silent killer after losing a bit pot step out of the action and avoid big pots.

If you do play a hand take your time, go through the script and make sure you’d come to the same decision the next day.


  • Before you call a bet, list the hand that you beat
  • Before you make a value bet, list the hands that will call
  • Before you make a bluff, list the hands that will fold


Beata “The WildHungarian” Jambrik

Checking out the new PartyPoker team member Beata “The WildHungarian” Jambrik on twitch. I see Beata listed herself as a new PartyPoker Pro but currently has no Hendon Mob listing…

The initial image of her in a bikini  makes me think I may not learn too much, but after my last performance I’ll take all the advice I can get.





Rule 47 – You can’t play unless you know these bet sizes and percentages

Assume a pot of $100 pot if you bet half pot as a bluff you need your opponent to fold 33% of the time, if you face this bet you need 25% equity against your opponents likely holding.

1/2 = 33% = 50/(100+50) to call this bet you need 50/(150 +50) = 25%

2/3 =40% =66/(100+66) to call this bet you need 66/(166+66) = 28%

Pot = 50% = 100/(100+100)  to call this bet you need 100/(200+100) = 33%

1.5 x = 60% =150/(100+150) to call this bet you need 150/(250+150) = 37.5%

2 x =66% = 200/(100+200) to call this bet you need 200/(300+200) = 40%

Rule 46 – Master the art of folding

A dollar saved is a dollar earned, saving a dollar is just as beneficial as winning one.

Fold when your equity based on your opponent’s equity of their likely hands range is less than the odds the pot is laying you.

Phil Galfond said “One way to exploit your opponent is to fold”

Rule 45 – You need to be fit to operate at peak performance

Like all sports you have to be an athlete to compete at the highest level. I know poker is a game played with the mind and that Greg Raymer may seem to evidence to the contrary. To maintain the levels of concentration needed  your body needs to be in fighting fit condition, rested and ready to do battle. This view was also shared by Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier  in his book The Raiser’s Edge .

I’m 13 St 13 Lbs I need to lose 13 lbs. I’m cutting all alcohol and going to the gym daily until I make my fighting weight. Missed days at gym will require double sessions to catch up.

Rule 44 – Net money won is how you keep score

Net money won is what is important, however success as a player is measured in tournament wins.

This is England’s all time money list and this is where the score is kept, I’m currently 2,930th on the list. One day I want to be top of this list and I don’t care how crazy that sounds, you heard it here first.


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