7 2 BLUFF...Diary of a poker player

Dreaming of the top whilst playing at the bottom…

Aspers Tuesday £50

Shoved 12BB over an open with QQ called by AK, ace first card off the deck and home by 10:30. Don’t bluff at Aspers just value bet when will I learn. Aghhh

What happened to Annette Obrestad?

Has she given up poker? So hot then so not…


Aspers £50 Wednesday

Played badly busted first 20 mins. I called a limp with 4 6 hearts 6 handed from SB. I flopped a flush and bet 1,000 was raised to 5,000 and then there was a shove which I called. Original raiser called and I was drawing dead to a 9 high flush. I Rebought and dusted my stack off with 15 left and £930 up top paying top 7. This was a fold…knew as soon as I called, far to emotional. I need to think and do my script.

Just some awful play…bad bets, bad calls and acting without thinking. I need to review my script and do my shove table quizzes until I know them 100%.

£107.50 including parking…donkey boy

Know when to C-bet

Donkey at the Vic ate my lunch

The Vic and I do not get on and today was no exception. With blinds at 100/300/300 UTG limped and the whole table followed suit. I raise to 2,800 from BB with a stack of 6,500 with AJs. I should have just shoved but UTG +2 was so bad I thought he’d call which he did. I hit a flop of J86 which I shoved as he was so bad he’d have called with 4th pair. He called and rolled over 8 6 for two pair…and I hit the rail £57 in 1 hr 15 mins…screw the Vic too far too go for this nonsense.

DNegs $50,000 in two hands

DNegs blows $50,000 in two hands after re-registering with 8 mins to go. Unfortunately starts with 15 BB in the Big Blind and folds Q4. The next hand versus a Button raise, he shoves A10s from the SB and is called by AQ which holds. Makes my £57 loss at The Victoria this afternoon look like a bar tip!

PLANES – Pre-flop

Split Suit always has good advice you should subscribe…

Deeb v Negreanu $250K?

Vegas Training – Weekly Poker Hands

Although I have many of his books I have decided to work through Jonathan Little’s weekly poker hands ahead of Vegas. Perhaps you should do them all to…

G Man love the way you play

Just watching Grant Adelstein taking to Joey Ingram about his battle with depression and it reminded me of Jake Cody. Is poker a depressive game?

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