7 2 BLUFF...Diary of a poker player

Dreaming of the top whilst playing at the bottom…

Know when to C-bet

Donkey at the Vic ate my lunch

The Vic and I do not get on and today was no exception. With blinds at 100/300/300 UTG limped and the whole table followed suit. I raise to 2,800 from BB with a stack of 6,500 with AJs. I should have just shoved but UTG +2 was so bad I thought he’d call which he did. I hit a flop of J86 which I shoved as he was so bad he’d have called with 4th pair. He called and rolled over 8 6 for two pair…and I hit the rail £57 in 1 hr 15 mins…screw the Vic too far too go for this nonsense.

DNegs $50,000 in two hands

DNegs blows $50,000 in two hands after re-registering with 8 mins to go. Unfortunately starts with 15 BB in the Big Blind and folds Q4. The next hand versus a Button raise, he shoves A10s from the SB and is called by AQ which holds. Makes my £57 loss at The Victoria this afternoon look like a bar tip!

PLANES – Pre-flop

Split Suit always has good advice you should subscribe…

Deeb v Negreanu $250K?

Vegas Training – Weekly Poker Hands

Although I have many of his books I have decided to work through Jonathan Little’s weekly poker hands ahead of Vegas. Perhaps you should do them all to…

G Man love the way you play

Just watching Grant Adelstein taking to Joey Ingram about his battle with depression and it reminded me of Jake Cody. Is poker a depressive game?

The Poker Guys

Always top analysis Art is a great player with some cool lines…

Bad night at Aspers…don’t bluff a donkey…

Bought in for £60 £10K gtd lost 20K of my 30K stack in the first 15 minutes before busting after 2 hours. I rebought but was card dead before finally getting it in with pocket fours v KQ. The first card on the flop being a king left with 1300 with blinds at 400/800/800 I then called a raise on button with 89s and hit trip nines to end up with ~5K. I shipped it with AJ and went 3 way on an ace high flop. I then shoved AA and was called by AQ to take me to 40K and a few hands later went all in pre over an UTG raise and a shove. My Queens were in good shape v 77 and JJ and held taking me to 100K double the chip average.

I switched table and opened pocket 8s, BB called and checked through the KK10 flop. The 8 on the turn filled me up and stacks went in on the flush completing river. Villain had flopped a full house leaving me with 25BB which I buffed off on when I counterfeited my pair of deuces on the river and bluff shoved to be called by Ace high….aghhh…I’m shit at poker. In Vegas no bluffs just value betting…

Worst thing in poker is watching Lauren Roberts “shuffle” chips

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